The Schlaubevalley

"Siehdichum" is not only the name of the small village our camping site is located, it should also refer to you as a guidance once you decide to spend some time with us as it translates literally to "Look Around!"
The Schlaubevalley has it's origin more than 20.000 years ago at the Weichsel Ice age and was declared an official nature park 1995. The Schlaubevalley offers a wide array of different landscapes, lavish forests of beech-, pine & alder trees, deep rocky valleys with rough waters and then again majestic silent lakes and grass arrays.
The nature park Schlaubvalley is home to more than 140 rare species of birds, such as ospreys, sea eagles, the majestic Kingfisherand the black stork. The lake hosts a vast variety of fish as the lake was formerly used for fishbreeding activities. There is also a substantial variety of amphibic lifeforms using the lake as their breeding ground.
The Schlaubevalley Botanik lovers can indulge in more than 1000 different kinds of plants and flowers, even some rare species of orchids. The village of Henzendorf (appr 25 ms.) is home to a 4 ha large rare rockformation park! 126 sculptured and coloured rocks impressively tell mother earth's story, the oldest rocks going back more than 1.8 million years in history and weighing up to 30 tons.
11 partially restaurated water mills are easily accessible by a dense network of natural hiking trails. those mills used the natural flow of the creeks and rivers for grain grinding, later also for sawing and hammer activities.
Enjoy a relaxed hike thorugh our landscape under majestic pines or relax on a super silent grass patch totally surrounded by nature! Cycling is highly recommended on historic routes with rocky advisor pointing into the right directions. Horse enthusiasts can be taken care of as well.

our restaurant recommendations:
Forsthaus Siehdichum
Ragower Mühle

Mixdorfer Stübchen

addtl. infos regarding the Schlaubevalley can be obtained from:
Amt Schlaubetal
Schlaubetal Tourismus

more impressions of the Schlaubevalley available at our photo galerie.

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